Maplegrove Partners is a hosting and consulting firm founded in Buffalo, New York, USA. We support a variety of communities in developing platforms and solutions for small businesses and online communities. Maplegrove is proud to provide our customers with a range of secure, reliable, and high-speed hosting services for web, email, networking, and multimedia to meet the diverse requirements of our customers. Maplegrove supports a variety of content communities and offers solutions geared towards businesses, enthusiasts, bloggers, podcasters, and gamers.

About Our CEO

Our CEO has had in-depth experience in cybersecurity, network engineering, and data analytics. He decided to begin providing hosting solutions on his custom-built platform after working with a variety of clients who struggled to manage quality infrastructure in an intuitive low cost manner. With experience in the Fortune 500 technology sector and HPC networking and research communities, our CEO brings enthusiasm and technical capability to the forefront of everything he does for our customers.